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Here is a somewhat more detailed list of the stuff on my homepage

Things that make Geoff...himself! Future employers - look here!

Missed something? Here are some Old News

Silly Stuff
67 Ways to be Annoying
Science CAN be funny
The Ultimate Pick-up Lines...
A Flatulent Story
Taxonomy of Farts

My Chem 12 and Physics 12 notes

How 'bout my Cool Quotes or my Crappy Quotes page?!

Here are some links to homepages of friends

Lawson's Homepage (at geocities) This place is filled with stuff that Lawson himself designs. Visit often - cuz it's updated often!!

Wacko's Homepage. A homepage designed by Wacko himself, in case you didn't notice. He's got chem notes, bio notes, notes on TOK (Theory Of Knowledge, in case you didn't notice) and a tonne of other kool stuff!

Pat's Homepage. Specializes in automobiles, so if you're REALLY into cars, then go to this webpage.

Tangmasta's Homepage designed by Tangmasta (Tony, for all of you who don't know him) Yet, another victim of the IB program. Find out a little more about IB, and pick up some ZAPWARE stuff!

Jon's Homepage. New stuff. Specializes in martial arts. Kool.

Wavruner's homepage. Actually, if it was spelled THAT way, it would be pronounced "wav-RUNE-er". It's kinda new, and it's Jasper's page, so don't expect much just yet. Just wait a few weeks and see what surprises he has in store!

Here are some other cool links!

Geoff (desperately) wants to get into
Churchill's very own homepage, designed by Peter Bien

Want some previous provincial exams just for practice? I dunno, maybe you have too much time or something and you want a some preparation before the dreaded week in June. Well, here is a place where you can get some.

Science World, tbe place where I volunteer at...

Music Links

Geoff listens to 99.3 The Fox (Rocks!), Z95.3 FM (which occasionally plays okay stuff), and 105.7FM (but i don't know their homepage yet...)

The official homepage of theDoughboys, a band straight out of Montreal. Lose the dreads already guys!

I found a couple of Collective Soul pages. One happens to be at the Atlantic records site. The other one is an unofficial homepage but it's updated quite frequently

I Mother Earth's official homepage. Get the most up to date information on this ultra-cool band here.

Entertainment Links

As you may already know, I still watch cartoons. Anyhoo, here are a few of my favorites: The Tick, and The Simpsons.
Some of you may also know that I read comics. There are two official homepages for and Get the latest up-to-date info at either of those pages. I'm also a huge fan of Gen13. There are tonnes of Gen13 sites on the net, and hopefully I'll compile a worthy list. But otherwise, you can check out the Wildstorm website, home of all the cool stuff created by Wildstorm including WildC.A.T.S., Stormwatch, Backlash, Grifter, etc...

Stupid Links

A page that is dedicated to Farts, fart stories, and fart jokes. Another page dedicated to saving a pile of (rare / endangered) Poop. And I saw this advertised on channel 22 (y'konw, that channel where they advertise nothing but shinnanigans and the like). Anyhoo, I think the Beermachine was probably one of the most humerous ones.. ;)
Clickhere if you want to see one of the worst pages on the net. If you're not chinese, keep in mind that JER is chinese for a man' that extra thingy that makes a man a man. Have fun!

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