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A Gift from the Heart Youth Foundation


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A Gift from the Heart Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization established in September of 1999.  Affiliated with the GHF, we share their goals and ideologies of helping the less fortunate, but with a more directed focus on children in 3rd world countries.  We are an organization where youths and young adults can truly make an impact in the lives of many and develop into well-rounded people, finding self-fulfillment by contributing to the happiness of others.

Our philosophy focuses on education as the key to ending the cycle of poverty.  If we continually challenge and develop the minds of children, they will mature into capable young adults empowered with the  confidence and necessary skills to improve theirs and their children’s lives.  This will ultimately end the hardship experienced by their ancestors.  Futhermore, by opening the eyes of the people here in our own communities to the hardships of so many others, we hope not only to gain their support, but also to create in themselves a renewed appreciation of their own lives and families.

In keeping with our mandate, the majority of our donations will be  allocated to educational funding.  Cheques and tax receipts will be issued by our parent organization, the Gift from the Heart Foundation.  Some of the notable foundations they have already donated to include the following:

  • Pag-Aalay Ng Puso Foundation
  • St. Anthony de Padua
  • St. Mark’s Foundatoin
  • Canadian Leprosy Society
  • CFC Canadian Mission Fund
  • Drop-in Soup Kitchen
  • Catholic Charities
  • Shared Experience Program
  • Honduran Project
  • 1999 Christmas Meal