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Mark Yu – President
Mark currently works for PMC-Sierra as a product Marketing Engineer.  He graduated with distinction from the University of British Columbia with a Degree in Engineering Physics.  He was the co-founder and past president of the UBC One Humanitarian and Multicultural Organization.  He is an active Core Leader for LIFETeen and is a member of the St. Paul’s Youth choir.  Also, Mark has been involved with KP as a technical director and previously held executive roles with NCCFA and UBC FSA.  He joined GHYF because of his innate desire to help other people.

Jason Dinglasan – Vice President
Jason has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology and is currently in his 3rd year of Dentistry at UBC. His past affiliations include sports director of the UBC Microbiology Club, Youths for Christ, and volunteered as an Emergency Room assistant at the Vancouver Hospital & Health Science Center.  Jason saw GHYF as an incredible opportunity to put his faith into practice by helping the poor and at the same time positively influencing our own community.  “The GHYF is a means by which young people can demonstrate their talents and help other young people who are not as fortunate.”

Francesca Ranada – Director of Administration
Francesca Ranada is her 3rd year of the Bachelor of Science Degree Program focusing on Cellular Biology and Genetics at the University of British Columbia.  Her post-graduate plans include medicine or a career in genetics-based biotechnology.  Francesca’s vision for GHYF is to increase awareness of poverty among young people who have never experienced it.  “Only with an up-close and personal view of poverty can people have a true sense of purpose in our effort to help the less fortunate.”

Geoff Wan – Vice President of Finance
Geoff is currently in his 3rd year at UBC.  He is working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and hopes to go into dentistry or continue with chemistry.  Geoff is currently employed at Angiotech Pharmaceuticals training to be a researcher.  Geoff has involved himself with the GHYF with the goal to raise funds to help educate needy children in third world countries.  Geoff believes that education can be a means to the end of the poverty cycle.

Christopher Jimenez – Director of Public Relations
Christopher Jimenez currently works as a Production Consultant at Supreme Graphics.  He was a co-founder of the University of Calgary’s Filipino Student’s Association, and served for 2 years on its executive committee.  Chris also served on the Board of Directors of CAFFA, and has been involved in organizing numerous fundraising activities and cultural events.  “I truly believe that there is no better way to serve God than by creating happiness in others especially the less fortunate.  Being a part of GHYF allows all involved to do this and find self-fulfillment in the process.”

Michelle Rivera – Director of Humanitarian Aid
Michelle is a Registered Nurse at BC Children’s Hospital.  She graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  She has been actively involved in St. Paul’s Parish since 1992 with the LIFETeen program as a core leader / volunteer, lector, member of the youth choir, and more recently as Eucharist Minister.  Michelle’s main reason for joining GHYF was her deep interest in helping those less fortunate as well as to humble herself through acts of kindness.  Furthermore, she wanted to be a part of a group who shared the same vision and who had the same drive to “give from their heart and share it with those in need.”

Lorie Corcuera – Director of Fundraising
A recent Business Adminstration and Commerce graduate from the University of British Columbia, Lorie Corcuera is currently working for Electronic Arts (Canada) Inc. as  a Human Resources Administrator.  In her last year at UBC she was the preseident of the Filipino Students Association as well as the Vice president of the Industrial Relations Management Club for the Business Administration and Commerce Faculty.  Through these associations, she has gained invaluable experience organizing numerous social, cultural, and fund-raising events.  As Fundraiser, Lorie will be involved in coordinating rewarding charitable events for GHYF.

Cheryl Yu – Members at Large Liason
Cheryl is in the Accounting Program at Kwantlen University College.  She is a genuinly sincere and caring person with a passion to help those less fortunate.  While serving on the KSA Council, she has been involved in the organizing of various fundraising events.  As the Liason, Cheryl will voice the concerns of our members-at-large.