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The rest of 97
Dec 26, 8:00pm
I have finally started my deep thoughts page - it's all about the nature of humans and you can check it out by clicking here. Also, my personal profile has been updated.
Gosh, who the heck goes to all the malls on boxing day. Anyone been to metrotown? it's crazy...never before have i seen so many people packed into a building. The halls were literally flooded with people - i mean, the density of people was so great, that you didn't have enough room to walk. Pretty nasty. Hope everyone's had a Merry Christmas... oh yeah, if you want, you can bug one of my friends for getting a digital keyboard for christmas!! Dang...I was the one who's been begging for something like that for months! sheesh.

Dec 23, 10:45pm
Hey dudes, i'm back. I wonder when tripod is going to be up and running. well, for now, i'm trying my darndest to look for a new place to my homepage! this christmas holiday has been kickin' so far. well, lotsa good stuff and bad stuff happening. let's start with bad stuff: Chris Farley, one of the coolest actors/comedians of all time is DEAD, apparently from a heart attack. what else - fran is gone to LA for a few weeks, which means i'm left all by myself.
Good stuff - helped host churchill's prom which took place a few days ago (Dec 19), which was pretty cool. Ever considered mixology as a major?

Dec 13, 12:29am
What the heck am I doing up at this hour? Yahoo! Exams are finally over!!

Nov 6, 11:30pm
Yahoo!! Just finished my English paper...y'know, my life really is the pits. Times are really tough right now, so this homepage is going to form an endospore and return when conditions are more favorable. Till then, don't expect to get too many updates from here. Sorry folks.

Nov 21, 4:00pm
Whoa. finally, an update. One more week of school left and then the onslaught of finals begins! hey, i just mentioned a paradox (fina/ begin) HAH. whatever.

Oct 15, 9:30pm
Hi, somehow Jess has managed to bump into me in the Koerner Library. anyhoo, I just received word from Lawson that the UBC exam schedule has been posted. So, to check it out, click here.

Oct 12, 10:00pm
Okay, certain change of heart. Singing isn't so bad, only if you're not alone. (what the heck?). Okay, okay, so maybe it's not as bad as i feared. Tonite brought back some pretty good memories and apparently my fear of it has temporarily faded away. Never thought I would ever do a gig again. Apparently, Jeff and his buddies needed a figure. yahoo...performing tomorrow with one night's notice. [sigh]

Oct 12, 3:45pm
Okay, a little late, but I just gotta say, Tania's party rocked.
Knowing the product and quotient rules in calculus is a good thing.
I really really really REALLY hate singing (all by myself).
New link to Colin's homepage.

Oct 7, 11:00pm
Lotsa stuff goin' on since last update:
formed the Determinators a few weeks ago - for more info, go to Warren's homepage.
Had a couple of physics quizzes and a math midterm
deprived of sleep
not updating much
and other stuff. but on a more positive note, here's one big honkin' happy birthday to fran:

Happy Birthday Fran!!

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