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June 97

June 27, 9:30pm
Had an interesting day. Planned on playing tennis in the afternoon but it turned out to be a crummy day, so we headed off to play pool at Jive. Reassured myself that I still suck at pool, but hey, had a good time. Saw Lori for the first time in ages. Cool. Anyhoo, Riskfest tomorrow, I think. I'll see y'all there. Oh yeah, got permission from my friend that I can put a link to his page. So, you'll notice a new link on my "Friendly Links" list.

June 26, 8:15pm
Whoa. What a day. First off, let me thank our gracious chauffer Masaki who took the liberty in driving Bryan, Fran, Paula, Sylvia A and me to the Employment centres in Vancouver and Richmond, Richmond centre, and back to our homes. Thank you Masaki!!

Went job hunting today and the market is pretty bad. Realized I'll be doing the same thing either 4 years from now, or 8-9 years from now. By then, I'll be able to fulfill most of the criteria that I'm not able to at the moment. Anyhoo, jobs for young adults normally suck, so don't expect much. I'm already very fortunate to have that delivery job in June thanks to the librarian Ms. Lee. Thanks Ms. Lee!

Gosh, I'm missing Friends. Oh who cares. No more school! Yippee!!

Purchased tickets to Edgefest already. Yahoo!!

June 24, 9:00pm
Updat(ag)e at last! Thanks to Dick who reminded me.

YAHOO!! No more provincials as of yesterday. Yay! Freedom at last. Almost. Well, at least a two weeks of it anyway, then WORK! YAHOO!!! I got a job!!

Saw ConAir today. Great movie. Awesome movie. Better than the Rock. Plus it had somewhat a story line. Bonus. I totally recommend it. Man, they trashed a LOT of, trucks, buildings, GAS STATIONS, man, you name it, they trashed it.

Upcoming events: August 25, UBC Thunderbird Stadium: EDGEFEST 97 featuring on the side stage: Age of Electric, Econoline Crush, and a whole slew of other local nobody bands, and on the MAIN STAGE, there's gonna be the Tea Party, I Mother Earth (with edwin!), Silverchair, Our Lady Peace, and Collective Soul!!! I'm planning to gather as many ppl as I can to attend that concert. So far, I have 3 besides myself. $25/ticket if you're in the firs 5000, otherwise it's $30 after that. Cool. So, let me know if you're interested

June 17, 7:30pm
Woo. Got our annuals today. Not too shabby at all. But then again, I wouldn't be able to make a valid comparison b/c I've never really seen an impressive annual before. Anyhoo, it was a long tiring day of signing annuals and all. Lots more to come in the next few days. Yippee...!

Found a really site which carried some really cool Collective Soul as well as other Midi files. Click here to get there.

June 16, 8:00pm
Coolness. Went to school today and picked up award. A big Anyway, lotsa studyin' going on here. Mainly for math. Whoa, found out that I'm not as hot as I thought. Heh. Which is good. I'd rather know now than in wednesday. Anyhoo, I went to A&B sound and picked up my first CD in 2.5 months! Yeah. Best of Van Halen Volume 1. The album just totally kicks ass.

As for other stuff, my good 'ol buddy from Chinese school, Kelvin not only started his new Internet Direct Account, but he has also started his own homepage at Tripod (which has recently increased its disk quota to 2.0 megs!). Anyway, I promised not to reveal his homepage yet because it's really undeveloped.

Oh yeah, went job hunting today. I was walking around oakridge and I realized that I had to be either gay, or a woman to work at most of the clothing shops. Ever been to the Gap or Club Monaco and seen the guys who worked there? Chances are, they have short dyed spiked hair, tight pants and clothes, maybe even heels, and they walk around like women! Ugh. No way they're getting my resume. As for other places, I applied to Electronics Boutique, Safeway, Arby's, and Planet Superstar. Also got an application from A&B Sound. Oh well, lots more job hunting to do after provincials are over.

June 14, 5:45pm
Whoa, long time no update. Somehow, there was a glitch on my page... you wouldn't have been able to notice it, but I did b/c I'm still stuck with that ol' Netscape 1.2. I really need a new computer.

Anyhoo, major studyfest today. Okay, maybe not. Did a provincial for Math, Chem, and Physics. Know what I must concentrate on. There really isn't much need for all that studying. I mean, back in the summer, all I did was do practice provincials, find out which questions I got wrong and try to learn from my mistakes. Chances are, you'll see similar or even the same questions on the provincial. There really isn't all that need to read everything in your notebook.

Okay, new links have been added. If you're into guitaring, check'em out. Especially the Harmony Central Guitar Tablature page which is like a search engine for guitar tabs. Very cool.

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