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News April 97

May 14, 6:00pm
Man oh man, didja know an alligator's brain isn't all too big compared to its body. We've been digging at its head for 45 minutes...pulled off its jaw hoping to get underneath only to find more bone, tried to get in from behind only to find more bone, then pulled out its eyes only to find more muscle and fattie tissue. UGH!!

Oh yeah. finally heard from UBC. yay. also surprised to hear from McGill. It's a good day. 2 more IB exams...

May 13, 11:05pm
Finally, an update. Just had a Concert at Hamber. Boy what a good way to spend a few hours, in a WARM gym full of bands from schools all over vancouver. Some really cool school bands out there... yours truly included

IB exams are almost over. C'mon guys, just math and physics left! And after Friday, FREEDOM!!!

This week, the Dissection Club gets the honor of taking apart a freshly frozen ALLIGATOR which was graciously donated to us from UBC...of course, it was slightly used; the lungs were removed for educational purposes. Oh well, we still have the head and all of its other organs! Did you know the alligator has a 4 chambered heart, unlike its reptile relatives, which only have a 3 chambered heart? Kinda makes you go hmm...

For those of you who don't know, I have acquired a drum set from the brother of a friend of mine, Allan Ho. Thanx Allan. As well as the drums, I have taken a new interest in that old guitar of mine. In these past 3 days, I have learned the chords to Glycerine (Bush), When I Come Around (Green Day), The World I Know and December (Collective Soul), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana), and All Over You (Live). Learning neww stuff every hour, when I feel like it. Whoa. Once you're introduced to the basic (power) chords, all you hafta do is figure out the bass line, and fill in the rest of the chords. It's just so simple!

Found out your status from UBC yet? Well, if you haven't, and you'd like to find out whether you've been accepted into the faculty of your choice, call: 280-8228. You must know your 8-digit student ID number in order to access your info. Well, best of luck to y'all. Some happy people include: Bryan, and Patrick who have both received unconditional admission to the faculties of science and arts respectively. Good job guys. I'm thoroughly impressed.

May 3, 1:00pm
Woo, like the IBer's, I have enough of my own studying to do. Oh yeah, I'd also like to mention the fact that the provincials sight has changed to I was looking through some of the old chem provincials. Hah. They're hilarious!

May 1, 6:30pm
One big huge honkin' Happy Birthday to my bro Jon who happens to be one of the most unhappiest moods at the moment. Y'see, he's still sulking over that dreaded letter from yesterday. Gosh, I wish there was just something I could do... Oh yeah, while I'm at it with the birthdays, happy birthday to Mabel Sze (some girl in gr.10) who happens to have the same birthdate as my little bro. Coincidence?

April 30, 8:30pm
I don't know what's wrong with you IB people (who go through the selecting process of your future disciples). First you reject me, now, you've rejected my brother. I hope you all know how much of a mistake you've made by doing so...twice now. What's wrong with you people?! You could have at least corrected your first mistake by letting him in. Jon can change, honest to God. I did. I never thought of myself turning into the person I am now. I've changed quite a lot since Grade 11. Maybe you're too blind to see that; or you're too stubborn to learn from mistakes.

April 30, 6:45pm
The technolympics results are out. To see them, click here. Have a nice day ;)

April 28, 8:00pm
Okay, that's it! I've had enough! I've had enough of all the coffee drinkers out there. You know what your problem is? You know why you've become dependent on coffee? It's because you can't get enough sleep! And you wanna know why you don't get enough sleep?! It's not because you have Too much work! It's because you CAN'T SCHEDULE YOUR TIME PROPERLY!!

Okay, I'm chilled out now. I just can't stand to see ppl addicted to coffee, that's all. And those Starbucks Latte (?) commercials...they're sooo DUMB! I've had enough of listening to that idiotic airhead with her mind drifting in euphoria over just a cup of that "smooth Starbucks Latte". Sheesh, your life isn't gonna get better just because of some creamy caffeinated drink. Get real already.

April 25, 6:30pm
Just finished Technolympics! Woohoo! Although i'm quite disappointed by the fact that we didn't place in the top 3 in ANYTHING, it was quite a learning experience. I learned that if you're ever near the top, but not at the top, no-one knows, or cares. Congrats to Chanson Brumme who received a scholarship from Kwantlen this afternoon from the scholarship exam. I learned that sometimes you can work your butt of on something and then when the time comes for you to do that something, that something just blows up in your face. I learned that there's the possibility that there may be a hint of intelligence in this head of mine. And most importantly, I learned that whatever I accomplish in highschool will be quite meaningless as little as a year from now. So why even try?

You dare ask such a question? It's the same force that drives us to continue our lives. Why try when you know what you do today'll be forgotten tomorrow? I dunno, we just do. Bums wake up every morning to beg for change, use that change to buy some booze/cigs, sleep, and wake up for another day of poverty. Teachers wake up every day just to go to some shabby old school to teach a bunch of spoiled melodramatic teenagers for a measly paycheque. I dunno, it seems like so many ppl have to suffer with their lives and it seems so easy to end it; but ppl continue with their lives, no matter how much suffering there is. Maybe there's some kind of force out there that drives us to continue our existence.

Alas, all's well and ends well. With technolympics over, all that's left are the IB exams (for the IBers) and the Provincials (for IBers and normalfolk alike). After that, 2 months (?) of freedom!! In the meantime, school. blah. Anyway, to all of the members of Q, that'd be Bryan, Esther, Francesca, Helen, Huijin, and Russel, it was a pleasure working with all of you guys. Too bad we didn't do much in terms of kickin' arse, but hey, we had fun.

April 21, 6:00pm
NOOO!!!! Edwin of IME
has decided to "move on". Man, I'm gonna miss that guy...but at least he's still gonna continue his music career. And at least the band will continue with their music. New name: My Mother Earth. How original. Speaking of music, it's official that our name for the talent show is One. Steve and Adrian, if you're reading this, send me an email; i'd like to be able to contact you guys via internet...

April 20, 1:00pm
Had a great practice w/ my group yesterday. Actually accomplished quite a lot...even memorized the whole darn song in about 3 or so hours. Good work guys! Let's see, we still need a name...

Got back from the Sun Run. ACK! First time I got a worst time than the previous year. It's embarrasing. I woke up at 6:30 and waited to hear the rain for an hour or so, but I didn't hear any, so I got changed and headed off. Coolness.

S'more work to do. Toodle'oo

April 19, 8:30am
Whoa. Today's the last day you'll ever get to see the beloved play Fiddler On The Roof performed by Churchill's own beloved students. It's highly likely that there will be a completely packed house; last night was already 7/8 full, but i get the feeling that there won't be a single seat left and ppl are gonna hafta stand...

Okay, big weekend this is. One more night of Fiddler... Huge Techno meeting tomorrow, not to mention the Vancouver Sun Run which'll take place at 8:00am tomorrow... [sigh]. Then a physics midterm on Tuesday. Oi my aching head. On another note, IB exams will commence in a week or two. Sorry to remind all of those who are taking them... tee hee! But hey, when you signed up for this program you knew what you were getting into...right?

April 11, 11:00pm
Okay, deep thought question for all you Buddhists out there:
You believe in reincarnation right? Well, for every person that dies, his/her soul is then placed in another body for another life right? Well, if this is the case, then why is the population rising?

Quote from Fiddler: "Once a butcher always a butcher."

April 10, 7:00pm
Total coolness. Not really. As if you care. Oh well, but anyway, just received my (conditional) acceptance letter from SFU. 2 conditions apply: i hafta grad and keep the sci standard (~ 84%?)... i dunno. Heh heh. Cool

Also, never think that you're the best b/c if you're good/great at something, there'll always be many many many (for me, it was 4) people better than you. It can be totally unfair too, but hey, that's life. Blah

Okay somebody, let me know if you want to do something for the Talent Show! So far, I've been able to gather 2 or 3 other guys in the lower grades who can sing...

Lotsa contests next week: one of which is the Da Vinci...the other are the Euclid and the CAP Physics contest... Cool, lotsa classes missed, but no big deal. This weather we've been having has been GREAT!!!

Oh, heard that CFox had a bunch of cool website links - called "Geek[s] of the Week". They mentioned one site where you can enter a name (like ti domi) and make an anagram outta it (m. idiot) pretty nifty...unfortunately, i haven't even checked it out yet to give you a decent link, so you're gonna hafta find it from the cfox page. That's all for today. Sebas, I hope you're happy.

here's from Jon
HAheheh! the prince of darkness has arrived!!! yeah thats right, kick ass me.... anyhoo, just wanna say that um........ yeah...... hold on..... oh yeah hockey rocks.... and so do I! hahahahah!?!!?!??! lululululalaalallala

April 9, 5:30pm
I dunno, but this guy totally cracks me up. Don't ask me why I suddenly thought of this...

April 8, 4:30pm
Okay, talent show is coming up...if anyone wants to get together and do something, let me know...I'm thinking of picking out a cool song to sing a capella in a group... that means a group of ppl who can sing must assemble and find some way to rehearse and all that jazz

April 7, 7:00pm
Has this ever happened to you? You're thinking about a certain song, and when you turn on the radio, it's playing! Weird ain't it?

April 7, 4:00pm
Gosh, haven't updated for 5 days...okay, I'm back, kinda. Accounting test on thurs...some ppl already had it today. Whut else. DP? heh. Oh yeah, get your Grad CD write-ups to Peter Bien and the Network Management crew by the end of this month...there are NO limits so write as much as you want/can!

Big huge honkin' Happy Birthday to my good 'ol buddy (and not to mention the newest MD) Dick!

Man, the weather is just kickin'! Hope it keeps up for a while...What a great day. Also installed a brand spankin' new Epson Stylus 800 printer (1440 dpi!) for my cool comm serv teacher Dr. Gabbott.

April 2, 7:15pm
Man oh man, the good news just keeps on pouring...for others that is. Big hand of applause for Lindsey Cragg (y'know, one of our very own Gr.12 Reps) who received acceptance letters from Queen's and Cornell. Great job Lindsay! And congrats to Warren and Peter Bien for their two interviews from sponsors of Shad Valley!! It's still early w/ all this univ stuff anyway...

Whoa. big lab to do tonite and tomorrow nite. Lab 21A (Redox rxn's) for chem, and Investigation 11 for Physics. That ought to keep me busy for a while.

Got a big complaint. WHY ARE THERE ONLY 3 NETS SET UP AT LAURIER?! THERE ARE 6 COURTS FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!! WHAT THE HECK ARE THE OTHER 3 USED FOR?!. There go my two cents. I'm gonna talk to someone about it tomorrow...

April 1, 4:15pm
This is bad. This is really bad. Not only is that darned English research essay due tomorrow, I'm addicted to MICROSOFT SOLITAIRE!! ACK! What a great day to get back to school...great weather an' everything.

Had an awesome Easter holiday. Did a little bit o' this an' that. The terriyaki chicken @ Earls rocks. You ought to go try it...