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March 28, 7:00pm
What an awesome -> crummy day. Can't believe the weather could have been so groovy and then make a turn for the worst in the afternoon. Who'd have thunk it? Still managed to play a quickie game of tennis though. Still got that serve..!

Upgraded my they're equipped with these really funky Kryptonics Rampage wheels. The website was actually printed on the wheels!

Groovy! New Power Rangers movie comes out today...! Didn't even know they were releasing a movie anytime soon, and BAM, Power Rangers Turbo, opens on theatres tomorrow. Wow. Expect to see a full-scale movie review soon! (yeah right).

March 27, 10:15pm
Having a pleasant conversation with good 'ol Frannie here. Quote:
Geoff: Gee, I wish I could sing as high as them [No Mercy]
Frannie: Cut off your balls.

March 24, 6:45pm
School's back. Yay! D'oh! Some people are glad to be back, and some aren't. It's open to your own opinion. Frankly I'm quite neutral, as always. Did the coolest thing for Dr. Gabbott (and the Science Dept of SWC) today; helped install a brand spankin' new HP6mp laser printer!! Sweet piece of machinery. Unforunately, I didn't know the passwords for the computers (they're for teachers only) so...i couldn't go on to complete the installation. Oh pooh.

A warm belated WELCOME BACK to all of those who went on that London-Paris trip. Jon, Justin, Jen, Mabel, Rachel, Jacky, and the rest of the ppl I don't know, it's great to have you back...! And speaking of people coming back, Ryoko (Maatsura?) has returned for a visit! How cool. Great to see you again Ryoko!

Slow day. Chem's a bore. Math's a bore. DP's a bore. Free blk is cool;. I like Day 1. Day 2 is too much of a challenge. Blah. Well, as Pat already knows, there's a huge honkin' essay tomorrow on our independant novel study. So, if any of you are in Dr. Anderson's English class, GET OUTTA HERE AND HIT THE BOOKS!!

March 19, 2:45pm
Sheesh this place is merciless. Gawd, I can't believe that I'm actually stuck on something. As soon as my supervisor is finished w/ a client, I'm gonna ask him for HELP. Whoa. Don't you just hate asking others for help? It's like they're doing a favor for you and you MUST return the favor in the near future. Well, life doesn't have to be like that. People who help do not expect anything in return. Or at least they shouldn't. I mean, I don't expect anything when I finish tutoring someone. Just the thought of making dumb person a little smarter is already quite an accomplishment and I wouldn't ask for any more (yes you would! you'd ask for MONEY! lots and LOTS OF MONEY!! BWAHAHAHAH!). Shut up Testosterone!

In a situation like this, time is your worst enemy. Golly, I thought the first day went by pretty fast. Now, after what seemed like half an hour was actually five minutes. I'm tellin' ya, time flies when you're "having fun" but it lags when you're not. Blah.

Read an several articles in the Vancouver Sun this morning concerning three (or was it two) teenage girls who were wrongfully arrested 3 years ago, and they each received $10,000 for emotional stress and shtuff like that...but the worst part about this case is that the offenders (the police) feel that they didn't do anything wrong. C'mon, you can't accuse an 11 yr old girl of lying, and you still think she's lying, you can't arrest her. Sheesh. What a bunch of punks. I suppose the VPD is as cracked up as some say.

There was also this child molester in the Fraser Valley which I don't really want to talk about because it's just waaay to sick to be on my webpage.

March 18 12:45pm
Gosh, they're playing that song...[sigh]

When is this bad weather ever going to stop? I was just looking out the window and I've never seen clouds go by so quickly. The wind must be terribly strong. I pity anyone who is outside experiencing this weather. Thankfully I'm indoors.

March 18, 10:30am
How cool. Today they set the radio station to 105.7FM (y'know, that classical station). Rad! Now I won't hafta listen to that agonizing shtuff that Z plays all the time. Work is great! It's different from the other two places mainly b/c this time, I get to APPLY MY KNOWLEDGE FROM ACCOUNTING INTO MY WORK!! Y'see, I come up with problems all the time here, but I use my accounting skills to solve those problems. Tres cool.

Whoa. I'm getting almost NONE of my school work done. Bummer. Whoops. Correction for yesterday's update: CA stands for Chartered Accountant. Sheesh it's CGA that stands for Certified General Accountant. It's time to WAKE UP!!

I guess it's about time I started talking about other stuff. If you haven't noticed yet, the "Grand Opening" of Planet Hollywood was on Sunday. In our own downtown, we were visited by Arnold Schwartzenegger, Tom Arnold, Bruce Willis (but no Demi!), Jon Bon Jovi, Charlie Sheen, Samuel Jackson, Will Smith, whoa, the list just keeps on going! From what I hear, it was really nothing worth seeing. Just a bunch of ordinary people who happen to be as well known as hot dogs. Sheesh. What's with celebs anyway? Fame is such a strange goal in life. Only few ever achieve it. Or maybe everyone does. Personally, fame is _the_ goal that I am trying to acheive; respectful fame, that is (I'm not going to run amock in a hospital). I don't know what's with me and this never ending dream of me being well known and respected. It's absolutely futile. But I keep the hope alive. It's just like a lottery. Hey, you never know.

Testosterone, stop thrashing about! You're giving me a headache! I know you're upset...but I haven't a legit reason for you to stop it..!

March 17, 10:00am
Okay, right now, I'm at a CA (Certified Accountant) Firm waiting for my sponsor...Looks like I'll have some time on my hands after all, so I'll update whenever and I'll actually get some h/w done as well. Woopee!

This place is actually pretty cool. Finally, a place with REAL computers (P200's!) and Win95!! (yay!). I don't use Win95 much, so this'll be quite a learning experience for me. blah. Another really cool thing about this place is that people can barely speak english here! Well, they're capable, but they don't understand me very well. Possibly b/c i'm not annunciating as much as I could (clogged nose!). Whoa, never realized that there was a Korean area in Vancouver...well, it's here and it's alive an' kickin'.

Now, if I can only have Net access...

March 16, 8:15pm
Woo, worked on Technolympics this afternoon at Bryan's house. Got quite a lot of progress going on. Not really. I'm not gonna reveal any further secrets.

Can you hear him? Testosterone is screaming at the top of his lungs. He's been on a rampage so since I asked Mom if I could have gone on that ski trip if Katrin asked me and if I didn't have work experience. Unexpectedly, she would have let me. And now, Testosterone is bashing the living shtuff outta #2 and #3. [sigh]

Russel, check your mail! And if you haven't, I won't be able to make it tomorrow for personal reasons. How 'bout resheh-juling? Sorry dude.

Latest news on "box" bashees. Some person was fined $16,000.00. STOP USING THE BOX!!

March 14, 7:00pm
Noticed the title change yet? Well, thanks to Sabastian who brought it to my attention. As for attention...

Attention all "box" users: this is an important message to all of you "Box" users out there. They're scanning out there. I've already heard two cases where people were fined $10,000.00!! So, either stop using the "box" or at least refrain yourself from using it!

Yippee! SPring break. What a great time to be sick. I'm complaining too much. Okay, enough of that. To all of those going on that ski trip, HAVE A GREAT ONE!!. Of course, this could be a simply ploy to hide my jealousy and anger... But you know I wouldn't do that. ;)

He's gone! My dear beloved little bro Jon is in England right now probably having a jolly good time...esp w/ all those GIRLZ there. Lucky bum. Oh well, let's all hope he comes back in once piece.

March 13, 5:00pm
Ohgosh, what a day. Had that chem test which was more difficult than I anticipated. Of course, maybe it would have helped if i studied the past few nights...then again maybe not. All i know is, that last test was HARD.

But as for good news, I did better than I anticipated in my worst subj - ENG. Good enough that i'll be eligible for OSI... DAMN I'M GOOD!!!. For this momentous occasion, I would like to thank the following: my mom and dad for support, my bro for making me look bad, thus goading me to work harder, and most of all, Fran for inspiration. This isn't the end yet... 1 more term, then another 8 years ahead... [sigh]

Gosh I'm sick. I'm spitting coloured guck. Not a very pretty sight. Not only that, I mentioned this slight tremor I have in my arm to my doctor, and it turns out that something serious might be going on inside of me (uh oh...!).

Oh, here's a question that stumped me. Go ahead, try to solve it. Have fun!
sin X

March 12, 5:00pm
I'm sulking over my 2nd term marks. I know I could have done better. But you know, there's no use in sobbing about something you can't change. It's actually quite futile, saying/thinking things like "Oh, if only I did this...". Just concentrate on the future and put the past aside.

I'm sick again. Big surprise. Good thing Spring Break is coming up. Speaking of Spring Break, it's gonna suck again, like last year. Let's see, what did i do last year? I had the flu. This year is gonna be just as bad...I'm doing work experience!! Gosh, what a way to ruin spring break... Oh, and a note to all members of "Q" (or was it "Que"), meeting at Bryan's house on sunday afternoon.

Got the new CD by Collective Soul titled: Disciplined Breakdown. Very cool cd by a very cool band. It's mostly not-so-hard rock, stuff you can relax to, although there are the 2 harder rockin' songs: Precious Declaration and Disciplined Breakdown. Speaking of Collective Soul, they have their very own homepage at Big chem test on acids and bases coming up tomorrow...

March 10, 5:00pm
Yes! The chem notes are done a you can see them by clicking here. Mind you, it was a very brief job and they cover the bare minimum. Well, best wishes to all of you who are taking that test this thurs.

D'oh. Got a taste of some of my marks for the 2nd term, and I can say that i'm definitely not happy. But of course, most of the marks weren't even scaled yet so...i'm hoping to see something a little better.

think i'm gonna catch some zzzz's now. good day.

March 8, 12:30am
YESSS!!! Second term is finally over!! Time to celebrate (sleep)! It's over. I just hope I was able to maintain my standards which were set from the 1st term...i highly doubt it though :(

Okay, finished updating my physics notes, which i should have done a little earlier. Oh well, as the saying goes, better late than never. Sorry guys. Also, I'm updating my chem notes as we speak. They'll be ready within the next 24 hours. Or maybe not...

March 4, 11:00pm
Okay, 2 days of the week are over. 2 more to go. Thank goodness that we do not have school tomorrow - which gives me plenty of time to study for 3 upcoming tests.

March 1, 3:45pm
Found this really helpful Hamlet site which has a bundle of helpful stuff on the play. Includes discussions from the ppl of the 'net and anything you can think of... most of the discussion msg's are pretty lame though...mostly students asking for help, approx 5% of which actually get a reply.