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Feb 28, 8:00pm
What a day. Why do I get the feeling that I can skip school and no-one would miss me? Sheesh. Well, next week is where da challenge is at, so, I shouldn't complain too soon. Cool day today, even though I didn't get much done. But this weekend is gonna be even better. Total productiveness, I can feel it. Nothing can stop me. Mainly b/c someone's gonna be out tonite and tomorrow, and i'm gonna refrain contacting her b/c she's got a lot of work of her own ;)

Gosh, what's becoming of the
? It's been sooo dead lately. C'mon guys, we gotta meet a few more times b4 we grad...

Very special day coming up soon...

Finally had a glimpse of everyone's webpages w/ NEtscape 3.0. I'm impressed. A definite improvement from viewing w/ Netscape 1.2. [sigh]. my dinky 486 processor just can't handle the pressures of modern software. sheesh.

Feb 27, 10:45pm
Cool. Watched Hamlet today. Very cool movie. Kinda long. Some parts of it were interpreted a lot better than in the version w/ Mel Gibson, esp Fortinbras' conquest. Some parts were totally unecessary, like the guns, the pool table, the two sided mirror, and that one "scene"; although it had some effect in some scenes. Plus, Hamlet was a scrawny guy who looked as old as Claudius! I'm sure we all know the story line, and if you don't know already, here goes: King Hamlet is killed. His younger bro, Claudius is crowned king and marries Hamlet's widow, Gertrude within a matter of months after his death. Meanwhile, Hamlet Jr. is distressed at the death of his father and the hasty re-marriage of his mother. Somehow, it comes to Hamlet's attentino that his father's spirits lurk outside the castle, so Hamlet decides to contact it; it just so happens that this apparition tells him the details of his death - that his bro poisoned him while was sleeping and asks for revenge. So for the rest of the movie, Hamlet is sorting out his feelings for revenge, which he eventually gets in the end. Unfortunately, he too dies, and at that moment, Fortinbras comes along to claim the land. Oh, the tradjedy.

Got an email from Tristan in response to my little discussion on the Province's assessment of BC's secondary schools:

I was browsing your site and was reading about your thoughts on the 6
page Province report on BC school's and thought I'd add my own
commentary. If you analized the article properly you would find that the
schools were judged based on the average provincial exam mark for each
subject. With this in mind you can imagine that it is easier for a
school with only about 250 students out of which only ten students take
math twelve, to score better then a school of 2000 were... well you get
the point. Besides, those few indaviduals in Yack, BC or what ever hick
town there coming from are probaly all very bright and gifted as oppose
to Churchill were maybe 20% of the students taking math12 are briliant
and the rest are just a buntch of idiots taking math because someone
else told them to.

Besides that, I'd be curious to know how many Students form these other schools actually go on to higher education in comperison to Vancouver schools.

On top of all this, I didn't even get to the mentioning of all the math contests, awards, the Physics bowl, and what not that we consistantly do well in annually.

So If you ask me, we do quite royally kick the other schools asses. Maybe not all of us, but the majority do.

Tristan Schon

Thanks Tristan. On another note, Tony has whipped up a little article on upset people. To sum it up, when people are upset, anything you say will only make them even more upset, so the best thing to do is not say anything, and when they ask you to talk, then you're screwed.

Feb 24, 5:00pm
First off, I would like to make a comment about the Province's little 6-day report on the effectiveness of the schools of British Columbia. I was surprised to see only 1 Vancouver school listed in the top 10 schools of BC: PW. Sheesh, it wasn't even us. The rest were schools that had populations that were less than half of us! It is these schools that are getting the higher rankings for some apparent reason. You wanna know what the problem is? Well, frankly, there isn't much. There was a discussion on Sound-Off last night on the Fox. (I happened to be one of the contributors to the conversation ;) ). Anyway in the end, we concluded that there is nothing really wrong with the education system or the teachers or anything else. It's just little petty annoyances that can easily be solved. I wonder why sooooo many ppl b|tch about school when it's perfectly fine. I just don't get it.

Scientific breakthrough: the first cloning of a mammal (a sheep) was a success. Check out the story here. Man, this is scary...before you know it, they'll be cloning humans, and that, I think, is downright wrong.

2 more weeks to go till the end of the 2nd term, like Tony says. So c'mon guys, it's time kick some serious butt because the marks from 2nd term are the marks that UBC and all those other post-secondary institutes look at when they're considering your acceptance.

Feb 22, 8:30PM
Okay, time for a real update...or at least I'll try my best.

One big huge honkin' Happy Birthday to Bryan Chan who happens to be turning 18 today! Yet another person who is old enough to watch restricted movies and vote for federal (or was it provincial?) elections. (which one is it?)

Crud. Worked today. Although I'm a few dollars richer, I think I would have preferred staying home getting some of my work done.

Looks like The Empire Strikes Back came out yesterday. Gosh, I wonder how much money all of this re-releasing of the Star Wars Trilogy is gonna bag.

2 more weeks until the 2nd term ends. That means at least one test for every class. Just had the Math Midterm. Apparently, I stayed after school for a couple of hours. Noticed my math teacher walking by, and she asked if I would like to see my mark. Being anxious as I was, I replied "Sure". And I saw it. About an hour after I completed the test. Man, are our teachers efficient or what?

Well, here's the schedule. English test on Hamlet and Accounting test on Internal Control, Payroll, and Special Journals on Monday, March 3. Survey Math (Math Studies) test on probability and confidence intervals (what the hell?) on the 6th as well as a Physics test on circuitry.

Oh yeah, the Network Management class decided to do a Grad 97 CD-ROM. I kinda thought it was an okay idea. Others didn't. I suspect a huge disappointment on behalf of the NM class. But thanks for trying anyway. But let's not give up hope. C'mon, this is our chance to get something BETTER than a (sorry, i gotta say this, but w/ our funding, this is gonna be a really crappy) annual. It offers multimedia (videos, sounds, etc) unlike an Annual. It'll even have colour pictures! Scanned w/ our very own HP 3J (i think) scanner. Blah, I think i've said enough.

feb 20, 10:15
whoever is sending me emails w/ return addresses of ppl i know, PLEASE STOP IT!!! Apparently it's very annoying!

Feb 19, 7:45
Whoa, haven't been doing this in a while. Anyway, nothing much happening. If you're a subscriber to the Vancouver Province, then you may already know that they are doing a 6 day report on the level of educatedness of BC Highschools. I've seen the first few rankings for Math12, Chem12, Bi12, Phys12, French12, and everything (as a whole) is not as great as I thought it would be. I mean, sure, we have a few (actually, many) outstanding students out there who can take just about any test receive a perfect paper; then there are the ones who have it in them to do such things, but are not willing to try...then of course, there are ones who pitifully do not have the brain power to comprehend the shtuff school teaches them. [sigh].

Kool. Got the Matchmakers today (which was originally meant for Valentine's day). Weird. I see my list, and I am most compatible with.... [drum role] guessed it. Francesca G Ranada. WOOOO!!!! Ultra-cool. I don't want to mention any other names...that's the sad part.

Bought I Mother Earth's first CD entitled Dig. Don't know why i didn't get it earlier. They kick some major arse. Speaking of music, here's a song from the album i've been long awaiting for. It's called (duh) Precious Declaration by one of the coolest bands in the world, Collective Soul

Precious Declaration

Hitched a ride to the peaceful side of town
Then proceeded where thieves are no longer found
Oh, can't crash now
I've been waiting for you
Oh, won't crash now
I found some encouragement
This Precious Declaration reads:
This is yours and mine
You leave alone now
Precious Declaration says
I believe our hope is dead no longer
New meanings to the words I feed upon
Wake within my veins elements of freedom
Oh, can't break now
I've been living for you
Oh, won't break now
I'm blessed with hopefulness
This Precious Declaration reads:
This is yours and mine
You leave alone now
Precious Declaration says
I believe our hope is dead no longer
Once I jumped through hoops of fire
as high and far as you required
I was blind, but now I see
Salvation has discovered me

Math Crossgrade coming up on Friday. This is gonna be hard guys. I'd better start freshening up.

Feb 17, 7:00pm
One big fat honkin' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Christine!

Kool day. Stuck around doin' h/w till 5:30ish or so, then got a ride from a friend's dad. cool. still got stuff to do...sorry 'bout not updating too often. I don't think i'll have as much time for that anytime soon.

Feb 14, 6:30pm
Shopping sucks. Especially if it's me doing the shopping. Sheesh. How hard can it be? Well, for my case, it's almost like Mission Impossible, but I eventually get it done. No wonder I avoid it whenever possible.

Hey, it's February 14! Happy Valentine's Day!!. May all your valentine-like wishes come true.

Good day. Great day. Got a couple tests back. I'm happy w/ them, as is my teacher. Ever get complimented by a teacher in front of a class? Man, first time it's ever happened to me. Cool. Very cool indeed.

Feb 13, 1997
Today is Jasper's birthday. Happy birthday buddy!

Let's welcome Sharleen Wei to the 'net. I finally got her email address; yet another client of Axion Internet!

Today is also the dreaded day of the AHSME. I'm not gonna say anything about that except it was an extremely difficult exam. Anyone who can answer more than 20 questions and get them all correct is a genius. Today was also the day for the physics retest on electrostatics. [jumping for joy]. That's all i'm gonna say about that.

Had the 3rd Dance tonite. I thought it was really kool...even though not too many of us showed up.

Guess what? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Got a rather disturbing Rosagram from a certain someone (no names mentioned). ;)

Feb 11, 5:00pm
D'oh! Got the results of our last physics test (you know, the one on electrostatics we just had), and I must say, they were pretty darned sad. That's why we're getting a re-test! YAY!

Jasper is back on the 'net. And let's all welcome the newcomer Sharleen Wei (sorry, I do'nt have her email yet) to the Net! Hope it's as addicting for you as it is for the rest of us!! ;-)

Lawson is setting a Grad Directory for email addresses, seeing that we won't be having one in the annual this year. Anyway, you can check it out on his homepage. If you're not on the list, and you want to be on the list, please email him.

Enough out of me for now..

Feb 10, 7:30pm
Supposed to have a Reach game today, but too bad, Magee chickened out. Hah!

Got badmouthed by this whacky sub for choir. Sheesh, insanity runs in her blood. Her husband happens to be a music teacher at hamber...I've heard some strange stories about him too. Anyway, I just hope Mr. Rohloff gets well soon...

English and Math mock exams took place today. Too bad I can't really give a comment about that b/c I didn't take them!!, but still, best of luck to all of you, and best of luck to all the upcoming mock exams...especially the physics one which I heard accounted for 25% of this term's mark...yikes! Besides that, CNML tomorrow at lunch, (Yes! A legit reason to miss choir!), I don't konw but everyone seems to think there's a physics retest on electrostatics on thursday. I'm not going to count on it.. besides, we'll all find out tomorrow anyway. No need to worry 'bout it now. maybe just the contrary... ;)

Feb 8, 3:45pm
Everyone studying for mocks. [sigh]. Oh, here's something neat. The cool band Live is performing in Vancouver on the 8th day of the 3rd month of the 1997th year after the death of Christ. Anyway, tickets went on sale for this band this morning at 7:00. Within 15 minutes, all tickets were sold. Scary. I wonder if I'll ever been in a band that is equally as popular. [sigh].

Feb 7, 3:45pm
Happy Chinese New Year! Yay! No school. I didn't update yesterday. I don't think I'll do it again today. There's just soooo much to do (?). (or maybe i'm just a little lazy). Actually, there is quite a fair amount for me to do, considering I'm not in IB. And to all those IB folks out there, best of luck to all of you in the mock exams! As for regular joes like myself...well... best of luck in all upcoming tests and especially the Math Midterm (or as they call it, Crossgrade). Of course, how do you know if you'll have luck if you're not lucky enough to know it? This weekend is gonna rock.

And for all you folks involved w/ that "major brain teaser" fiasco, I'm sorry that things got out of hand like they did...I DIDN'T KNOW THEY'D BE CCing IT!! It should have stopped by now...if it hasn't, send your complaints here.

Feb 6, 9:00pm

[groan]. big (and confusing) test on electrostatics. I have a bad feeling about this...a really really really bad feeling about this...!

Feb 5, 7:30pm
Big physics test on electrostatics tomorrow. Gotta do "well" on that b/c my mark depends on it...but it would depend on it anyway. Anyhoo, i've updated my physics page for tomorrow's test, so for all of you who happen to be surfin' the net at this time, here's a little extra review. I'm outta here...!

Feb 4, 6:45pm
Alright! I finished typing out my acid/base notes, and you can check them out by clicking here

Okay, i'm really cheesed off today. UGH! Like the vocalist from Everclear sings in that song on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack: "I feel so stupid" And another thing. About all those scholarships, I spent about 10 min reading all the fine print finding out that i am NOT eligible for any of them! I could have been eligible for the Vancouver Sun/Province scholarship, but they required me to have delivered their papers for 2 years! (I only did it for 2 months)

Feb 3, 5:00pm
Man, I'm an idiot for those few mistakes i made on that darned chem test. Don't you just hate it when you make the kind of mistake where you get the test back, you look at it, and you ask yourself: "How did I do that?"

Was just listening to the world premier of Offspring's new album, Ixnay on the Hombre. Cool album. Not really. Anyway, heard a little background info on the band members; and you know what? 3 of the group members have a university education. One guy's got a degree in electrical engineering, another's got a degree in finance, the lead singer has a degree in microbiology, and the 4th member was a janitor (at a university). Whoa, now that is something I would never expect out of a punk rock band...but hey, life's not really predictable.

Anyhoo, noticed that Lawson watched Beasties (aka Beast Wars) on YTV for the first time. I've been watching that show since it came back. Mainly 'cuz of it's pretty graphix, plus the fact that this is the 2nd generation of Transformers, something I grew up with. Oh the memories...

Got an email from Jen Lee with some startling news.


Now, I'm not very familiar w/ hackers an' stuff, but i supposed it could be true so...

Feb 2, 3:00pm

Just saw Dragonheart, and I must say, it was an awesome movie. Great special effects; great dragon! I'm a real fantasy fan, and that's all I need to get hooked. Nice fight scenes...not nearly as gory as the ones in Braveheart, but just as effective. I cannot help but feel something similar about these two movies. There are two groups of people; the poor, and the rich; but in the end of Dragonheart, the poor are the ones who triumph. blah!

One big belated welcome to Ruby Tse who has probably been on the iNet for quite a while now. Anyway, it's nice to have you with us.

Feb 1, 1:30pm

What a cool day. Not really. It's nice and sunny. I'm not complaining about that. It's just that I have a lot of work, and i'm still sick (which means i'm tired). blah! Anyway, Mr. P wanted me to post the answer to that darned trig identity I had a few days ago. Well, for any one else who wants to see how the answer was obtained, click here

Looks like Lawson had a bad game yesterday. You can see his little commentary at his homepage.