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Okay, so maybe this page isn't as whacky as indicated by my title.  But please, don't let that stop you from enjoying the rest of my homepage.  Here's a lowdown of what you're gonna find here: MY thoughts which may or may not interest you - they're right below this paragraph (starting in August '98 if you want to check out the old news).  Information about myself, just in case you're interested.  My old chemistry and physics notes from highschool, if you need a refresher.  And quotes... ugh, I really have to work on them, but feel free to browse.  Here, I have links to educational and music sights, as well as links to pages of people I know.    

Thoughts Worth Mentioning

Sept 30, 1999
 This confirms it!  Britney DID get implants, which is why she's so reluctant to admit it or deny it!  Here's a before/after picture that somehow got in my computer!
May 24, 1999
Racism.  We all know what it is, and i'm sure each and every one of us has dealth with it, if not on the receiving end, then maybe the other.  It's been a problem for years, decades, and even centuries.  Stumbling on my meandering thoughts, I have found a solution to this problem.  Actually, based on my theory, it can be applied to all kinds of CISM's.  In the case of racism, destroy the races.  How do we do that?  Through interracial marriages.  The Europeans have a huge head start on that... Most of the time, white folks are rarely purebred.  If all humans can become one race, there would be no need to descriminate others based on skin colour or language or ethnicity.  This would bring about a new problem:  There would be no culture and diversity.  According to the good book, I wonder how all those cultures just bloomed from the descendants of Adam and Eve... and then just Noah.   
Feb 26, 1999
Ohmigosh, for all of you who don't think wrestling is real, take a look at this clip, which was taken from an ECW tape, which is banned in Canada:.....And what's even sadder is the tragic loss of our own Owen Hart who plunged four stories to his death on the May 23rd Pay Per View.   
Nov 29, 3:45pm
My bitch: there are those who are blessed with the gift of "normalness" and those who aren't - they're called "retards" or "special people".  Now, it's okay for a "special" person to be "special", because that's what being "special" is all about.  What's not okay when a "normal" person is "special".  Geoff, what the hell are you talking about?  This week has been a very strange week for me.  I have dealt with many instances where people just didn't use their common sense, intelligence, whatever you call it.  One thing that comes to mind is the donut shop incident where I was supposed to pick up Fran and take her to a very important meeting that was already running late for.  .   I checked every table, but she wasn't at any of them, hell, there was no sign of life at the place besides the guy who was working there.  There was no apparent sign of her (although later i found out that her bag was on the seat, which was well hidden from my view).  I asked the guy if she has seen a girl, about 5'4, wearing a blue raincoat, carrying a blue bag.  He said something like "no, haven't seen her".  I paged her from outside and waited for 5 min, but she never replied, so i figured something must have happened and I left.  As I was driving, she paged me before i got on the bridge, i turned around, got her message, and found out that she was at the donut place this whole time!  And I'm thinking "How could guy at the donut shop NOT know who I was describing?!  Fran was the only person in that friggini' donut shop for the longest time, besides guy.  How could guy not even notice that?!"  One thing's for sure - guy is definitely not "special", but he sure seems like it.  Please, guy, and all you guys who arne't using your intelligence like guy, STOP IT because it pisses me off, and sure as hell, it pisses a lot of other people off too.   
Oct 25, 4:30pm
Disrespect for parents.  Apparently, it's happening a lot more nowadays, especially here where children are waaaay more spoiled now than their parents were when they were kids.  I'm afraid that i have this problem too.  Being pampered and spoiled as a child has softened me to expecting everything done by my parents.  Ugh.  This is totally NOT good, and I don't have the same kind of respect for my parents as mine did for theirs when they were my age.  What's worse is that I have more priveledges (like having a car, not having to pay for my education, etc) than they did, and this is NOT helping me respect them more.  Contrarily, it makes me think of them as my enemy... somehow, i think this applies to many teenagers today.  We fear our parents more than we respect them, and we treat our homes as if they were motels, a place to sleep, eat, and maybe do homework.  One thing I haven't been able to do is sit in the back seat of my car while my mom or dad drove me to whever it was I wanted to go.  This is terrible - some kids think of their parents as their chauffers in addition to their maids/butlers/SLAVES.  One of these days, I hope we all realize how serious an offence this is to our parents.  It is total injustice, and i just hope it ends somehow... 

oh yeah, i'd also like to bitch about r&b and how they take old songs (songs that were catchy and nice to listen to thanks to some other creative songwriter) from the 80's 70's, 60's, and decades earlier, and they turn them into r&b'd songs.  Seriously, I hope you r&b writers get some better creativity instead of ripping off old songs.  If such is the case, you should change your genre to r&r - Ripped off and Ruined. 

And another thing - Christina Ricci, you know, the girl who was in the movie Casper, and in others that are too crappy too mention, the girl you always see in magazines, scantily clad in skimpyassed clothing.  Ever noticed how fat and ugly she is?  A girl like that who is as fat and ugly and tries to show off whatever little she has belongs in the halls of Churchill High school, not in Hollywood.  Christina, I'd respect you a little bit more if you wore a little more clothes, and a little less raunchy makeup, otherwise, shape up! 

Oct 12, 3:00pm
I know, i should be studying, but i really had to get this on my homepage. 
As some of you may know, I've been going to Church for the past...wheeww... while, and here's something I've observed at my church.  The hall is enough for ~ 450 people or so, yet, every sunday, there are only about 100 people who attend the English service, and 100 people who attend the Chinese service.  During the combined services, we have about 200 people attend.  This last Sunday, we had a combined service, and the place was nearly packed, and i'm wondering - "Cool, we have lotsa people this time!"  Rule of thumb: It's always great to have more people coming to church.  But then, I realized it was Thanksgiving, and that was probably why they were there...I also looked back  on Easter and Christmas and remembered how packed the church was on those two special events.  It's great that people take the time to attend church during those very important events that marked the birth and death of Jesus.  What I'm wondering is why people can't find the time to attend during the rest of the year.  Honestly, it isn't much - only one hour of your time per week - it's not like asking you to come EVERY DAY, just once a week!  Sheesh!   

And while we're on the topic of church, and God, lemme say something about all of those who now live a "better" life because they "know God" - or "God was responsible for me becoming a better person"... yeesh!  Let's not forget that God is NOT only "responsible for making you become a better person" - God is responsible for EVERYTHING.  ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!  Every little thing you could possibly take for granted - like your safety in getting to school, making sure you get food to eat, making you pass that test so you can have safe passage to the next leveled course, making you fail a test so you realize you haven't been working hard enough, making you get that speeding ticket b/c you're driving too dangerously, making you get CAUGHT so you can realize what yo'ure doing wrong, ABSO****INGLUTELY EVERYTHING! 

Sept 20, 11:45am
You know what sucks?  The crap you hear on the radio.  Frankly, I just think they play toooo much crap.  Or maybe I'm just having a hard time finding a station that I like.  First bitch - they don't play enough Metallica and heavy shtuff - xcept for Power Drive on Monday nites - but that's only once a week, and they quite oftentimes play Korn and Maralyn Manson, who both sound really BAD now. 

Z95.3 - too much R&B and dancy shtuff.  I do'nt mind it once in a while, but I can't stand it if I have to listen to it for periods more than 10 min.  Plus, the alternative stuff they play is absolute crap, with few exceptions - Barenaked Ladies, Third Eye Blind - but then they have crap and crap and more crap coming from Matchbox 20, all of those female alternative artists (there are a LOT - and they all really suck).  Plus all of those 80's crap!  Yeesh.  Okay, so Z sucks. 

99.3 the Fox - they play too much new alternative crap.  Marcy Playground, Matchbox 20, Korn, Wallflowers, Watchmen, and all of that old shtuff that's recycled that no-one listens to!  what's up with that?!  they don't nearly play enough cool stuff - like I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace, Collective Soul, Metallica... I'm quite pleased with the Van Halen stuff.  Too much Led Zepplin also makes it really crappy  - I can stand a Zep song per day, but not half a dozen!  Robert Plant really ought to have his voice checked because I've heard nicer voices come out my @$$...! 

Rock 101.1 - too much Zep, they play plent of new stuff, but nothing very hard.  They also play lots of old shtuff with crappy voices 'n stuff - i don't mind the great guitarists, but really, there are too many crappy vocalists in the past. 

100.3 the Q - a nice mix, but nothing heavy enough to suit my tastes. 

99.3 the Cube - waaay too much R&B... why aren't there any cool HEAVY METAL seattle stations?!   

Sept 12, 3:15am
Sometimes, you really don't know what you've got till it's gone.  For me, it was one of my senses that I lost.  Some of you may already know that I have sinus problems, and somehow, this seems to inhibit my smell sensory nerves to function properly, thus stripping me of my sense of smell.  This has gone on for over a year now, and to tell you the truth, it sucks.  Food is just food.  There is no distinguishable properties I can make out.  Great food is just food.  Conversely, crap is still crap.(heh).  I also can not smell the sweet fragrances brought on by flowers and other nice smelling things nowadays.  Now this really sucks, especially if your girlfriend is wearing her special perfume especially for you and you can't even smell it to appreciate it.  I tell you all, you don't know what it's like to not smell, and I realize how much it means to be me to be able to smell! 

what I have just described is a loss experienced by my own self which brought upon this realization.  But this realization can also emerge with the experience of loss itself, from someone else. 

First thing that comes to my mind is a home.  For us, home's home and just that.  But for a homeless person, like one of those hopeless bums you see on the streets of downtown, a home is something waaay beyond their grasp, and until you place yourselves in their situation, you realize how fortunate you are that you HAVE a home.  How 'bout cars?  I'll be lots of you have cars, and lots of you don't.  Personally, I have a car, and I know lots of people who don't, who complain all the time about not being able to et around, about having to take the bus all the time, about having to hitch rides w/ people they don't like, and I always get tired of those complaints... but when I eventually lost access to my car myself, I understood why those people complained... I felt their anguish, and so I don't blame them for feeling the way they do, because it sure does feel crappy. 

Sept 5, 11:45pm
Hi everyone.  On the not of relationships, which is something that has been on my mind lately.  I know, I have little to say about it, considering my inexperience, but hah, you'll have to listen to me anyway.  When considering a long term relationship (ie Marriage) one must consider similarities and differences.  Sometimes (actually, i think all the time), it's the differences that tear marriages apart.  Differences in opinion, values, upbringing, etc.   

I know a couple with two kids.  The father is chinese, the mother is white.  Because of there differences in... everything, divorce was imminent.  Now, I didn't want to talk to the guy about it.  I'd feel pretty bad if i placed myself in his position.  His kids, who are just about my age, just about older... well, they're not doing so great (in my opinion).  Their daughter dropped out of school at gr.10... the son dropped out at gr.10 and is now learning auto mechanics, thinking he'll be able to make it in life by doing that.  Now, i'm not doubting the guy or anything... but man (damn i feel biased), i just think he could be doing a lot better. 

Maybe I'm a little young to be touching this topic, or maybe I do'nt know jack.  But what I DO know is that there has to be some similarity in value and open-mindedness for things to work out.  A willingness to compromise.  A willingness to listen to what the partner has to say instead of being stubborn and rejecting everything and eventually finding yourself in a hole that you helped dig. 

This advice can also be helpful in relationships, however short term.  There has to be an element of open-mindedness for things to work out.  If each party sticks to their opinions and do not open themselves to the opinions of the other party,  chaos shortly follows. 

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