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The    Road    Rage    Quiz

This is a quiz written by yours truly. I have taken all the instances that have annoyed me, frustrated me, pissed me off while driving and it is quite probable that the same events have happened to you as well. For every statement you have encountered and has had a negative effect on you, add one to your total score. For every statement you have encountered, but had not necessarily received any negative effects with, add zero to your score. And for every situation you have never encountered, subtract 1 from your score. You should begin with a score of zero.

.) Drivers that tailgate you
.) Drivers that highbeam you from behind
.) Highbeams from oncoming traffic
.) Drivers in front who are too slow
.) Drivers who stop at every house because they don't know where
they're going
.) Parked cars on the side that are not supposed to be there
.) When you're making a left... drivers who run through red lights
.) ... drivers who crawl through red lights
.) ... drivers who SIT in the intersection during red lights (add 2)
.) ... pedestrians who decide to cross the street last minute
.) ... bikers who do not adhere to yellow/red lights
.) Drivers who honk/finger/yell at you for no apparent reason
.) Drivers who drive HIGH vehicles so you can't see above/ahead of 
.) Truckers that are slow and high AND spit out grey fumes
.) Buses... driving behind them
.) ... having them cut you off
.) ... having to wait behind them as they load on several grannies
.) ... trying to overtake one on the highway only to find that it's 
going faster than it normally does in the city so it's harder thus 
more frustrating
.) Drivers who cut you off without signaling
.) Drivers who make turns without signaling
.) Drivers who signal for lefts once the light turns green
.) Kid drivers... (kids = people who can not legally drink)
.) ... that drive too fast
.) ... that drive cars 3-4-5 times more expensive than yours
.) ... that don't know where they're going
.) ... that nearly crash into you
.) ... that DO crash into you (add 5)
.) ... that drive a few blocks to their friends' houses or local highschool 
(thus abusing their driving PRIVELEDGE)
.) ... that are so used to getting rides that they can't run more than
200 meters without heart palpitation (okay, so maybe this doesn't 
apply on the road, but I remember all those spoiled kids in PE class
that made me wanna ugh!)
.) Parallel parkers on busy streets
.) Pedestrian activated lights
.) Pedestrians walking through crosswalks
.) Slow pedistrians walking through crosswalks
.) Slow elderly pedestrians j-walking
.) Old fogie drivers...
.) ... that drive too slow
.) ... that drive too fast
.) ... that don't know where they're going
.) Drivers who think they own the road
.) Pedestrians who think they own the road
.) Drivers who do not wave for thanks when you give them lee-way
.) Pedestrians who do not give thanks for stopping for them
.) Drivers talking on their cell phones while driving
.) Drunk drivers... 'nuff said
.) Drivers who drive in the wrong lane (okay, this may be more of a 
frightening experience than an annoyed/frustrated/angry experience)
.) Can't find parking
.) Having to park FAR away!...
.) ... and paying for that
.) Having to pay a FORTUNE for parking...
.) ... only to find out you can't PARK during RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC
.) Having your car broken into
.) Having your car stolen